The Draft of the Memorial Complex for the Black Sea Sailors

The final draft of the memorial complex for the Black Sea sailors who died during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was presented in the Council of Ministers of Crimea. The presentation was held by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea G. Psarev.

The contest was held by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with Republican Committee of ARC for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and with the participation of the National Committee of ARC on construction and architecture. It was attended by seven preliminary designs developed by Crimean sculptors, architects and painters.

“Following the review of the submitted draft designs jury made a proposal to establish a creative team to develop a project that would unite the ideas of the most successful works. This approach is supported by the Town Planning Board of the Republican Committee of the ARC on Construction and Architecture and Scientific Advisory board of the Republican Committee of the ARC for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. This project represented at this meeting”, - said Mr. Psarev.

Совещание у Псарева

The guns of sunken Soviet submarine “Sch- 216” became a basis for developers. It is planned that the memorial stone and metal complex will be 9 meters high and about 7.5 meters in diameter. In the future will be further development of the memorial. It may be supplemented by other instruments and elements of the submarine when they will be rise to the surface.

Memorial will created in Feodosia on the square of the fleet officer’s house for the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.

Mr. Psarev also stressed that today there is an initiative of the Command of Naval Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine to establish a memorial dedicated to the heroism of the lost staff of “Sch- 216” in the immediate vicinity of the place of death this submarine - on Tarkhankut Cape in Olenevka near the lighthouse and the military post of the Ukrainian Navy.